Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Heathers vintage designs

Heathers vintage designs. well I`ve created my first blogg! hopeing to share my passion for vintage stuff but am totally confused as to how to get it out there?????? my site if that`s what its called does not seem to appear anywhere. I have just found this "posting" perhaps this will help? any way any hints or tips gratefully received . hx

Sunday, 25 January 2009

well here`s a quick peek at the sort of things you will find in my shop!

bye for now . Hx

Heathers vintage designs

Hi, well here we are my very first blog. after reading many over the past year or so , all with the same interests of home, garden, family and the passion for vintage!!! i love all things old . many years of collecting buttons, beads, fabric , lace , and turning into pretty things for todays taste have eventually lead me into opening my workshop in a small village Shalford, Essex. selling all sorts of stuff from clothing and accessories from the 1920`s 30`s 40`s 50`s. also china, glass, furniture, with the added handmade items of jewellery , cushions ,handbags, fairy paintings, and lots more besides, it keeps me busy! i will add photos over the next couple of weeks when i get a chance and hopefully feel a bit more at ease with this new "hobby?!" of blogging. hope you all have had a great weekend even if the weather has been a bit cold and wet. with regards Heather.