Friday, 27 February 2009

Little box of treasure.....

What a treat! a very kind neighbour to my little shop , popped in with this lovely box of vintage ribbons! in exchange I repaired some jewellery for her . some are a bit perished but still i am sure can be used for something, how pretty they are. .. thinking cap on....?????...

Monday, 23 February 2009

well, I new I would forget something! here are the little treasures I purchased last week . also my hubby made these fab coat hooks and dog lead hearts out of reclaimed oak boards and hooks rather fab as i sold 3 out of the 5 he made within 2 days ........wot a clever chap!!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

lovely cup of tea ? well i also had an icecream with a friend.
1920`s velvet coat with a 1950`s pencil skirt underneath.

this beautiful 1950`s dress would make
a fab wedding dress or prom dress.

Is spring coming?

Good morning , well what a lovely sunny day yesterday was (sat 21st feb) I was in the shop as usual.

The warm dry weather gave me a good opportunity to take lots of stock outside and have a good clear out and sweep up. but the sun was so inviting i put a table and chairs outside and had a nice cup of tea and read a magazine, ( march edition of country living ) the birds where singing, is spring coming? the first chance all week to relax .( very hectic with half term) I managed to put some new additions in the shop this week I must have very tolerant children they did come on a couple of buying expeditions. pictures are posted of a beautiful ladies gold brocade 1950`s dress , a 1920`s velvet flapper coat and lots of jewels.. I did also do some work on the little row of earth by the fence hopefully I will be able to plant some sweet peas in the next couple of months. hope you are all enjoying the weather. Hx

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

new fairies?!!

well I've been very busy this last week . finishing lots of fairy projects I've had on my mind for some time if only these where real, my life would be so much easier!

. pleased with the results .

its been very wet today in Essex, lots of people panicking over the flooding , many roads blocked and houses under threat lets hope all`s well tonight and the water levels drop and a nice sunny day please.
Back to work tomorrow, lots of jewellery to photograph also finishing off some jacket embellishments will post pictures when finished.

here are a few new lines in my little shop in Shalford.

Monday, 2 February 2009


well! you will be pleased to know i have found myself!!!! perhaps i didn't give enough time ? but blogg was on page 3 today.

what a day both my kids had the day off school because of the beautiful snow this morning ... we now have a darlec and a bear in the front garden , i think hubby did most of the work though.... sorry no pics as my camera battery needed charging if still there tomorrow i will post pics... had a good week in my little shop last week lots of moving around new stock to be added this week with a distinct pink , red and heart theme ????? hope you are all enjoying the weather ! Hx