Thursday, 12 November 2009

christmas is everyone tells me!!!!

This week was Country Living at the Design Center in Islington London .. my good friend and I went on our usual bi- annual visit to have a very girlie day out , great fun, lots to see, lovely lunch and tired feet all the usual stuff....always worth a visit.

Just thought I`d give a peep of some of the most recent stuff in my shop...including kitchenalia from the 20`s through to the 60`s ....................some peggy fairies................ a lovely old mini chest of drawers...the most beautiful velvet ball gown ..from the late 1930`s early 1940`s very gothic !

a new addition to the cushions vintage purple tweed with a hand knitted foxglove with a little bee about to visit.. I have been trying to get a few christmas decorations up in the shop but as i have collected vintage decs they are at present quite sparse but working on it .. have a good weekend ...Hx

lots of new from old painted shelves and cupboards

Friday, 30 October 2009

Party Frocks

Lots of earrings .
painted vintage furniture shelves and cupboards.

sewing boxes

chunky bead necklaces and bracelets

A bronze brocade 1950`s dress .
The most fab 1950`s red velvet cocktail dress
Ive added the most exquisite 1930`s diamonte belt.

a handmade from vintage unique crystal necklace
on a velvet bodice with a 1950`s velvet pencil skirt

this beautiful emerald green 1950`s ball gown

I love vintage stuff................... you just never know what you will find

At last I`ve found some time to blogg.
here are some pictures from my shop lots of fab party frocks for the oncoming party season plus lots more vintage and handmade from vintage.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Beach theme window
after a fab holiday in st Ives Cornwall i had to do something beachy holiday.

More cushions!
recently i have found some lovely old embroidery and have transformed into some" accent"
cushions , i did have some vintage fabric union jack style but i have sold them before i managed to photograph them (forgot my camera)

The invasion of the lavender bunnies

The Lavender Bunnies!
Thought I would introduce the newest additions to my shop,
they are all made from vintage french, English or Kath Kidston fabrics with button eyes and bobtails. stuffed with some lavender added. perfect for keeping in your drawers (preferably when your not wearing them !) i thought they would also be good to keep those special baby clothes you cannot bare to part with fresh smelling of Lavender. although ,altogether like this they look a little bit like the village of the dammed (bunny verson)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

more pictures!

At last!!!! I`ve opened my new shop!!!!

Open at last !!!!!

what a week last week was.....
I closed my workroom /shop in Shalford on the 27th June packed up loaded my Volvo up ferried over to my new shop 6 miles away... good old hubby helped me with the large furniture and the rest of the week was spent loading , unloading , packing and unpacking, arranging ......then re-arranging...... until finally on Saturday the 4th i opened my door ... what a lovely day it was , some of my very loyal and regular customers , also some new ones too, popped in we had a lovely "cup and saucer" of local wine from the Bardfield Vineyard just up the road. ( i decided on pretty china cups for the wine as it felt a bit naughty as anyone looking in would think we where just having a nice cup of tea?) it was great my family also popped in for some support. lots of vintage treasures sold . so will have to restock (love the buying and making bit ) i still haven't opened the little cellar part as this is still full with boxes of stock, but i will work on this over the next couple of weeks . i will add some more photos as soon as possible . let me know what you think so far ....have a good week ....................Hx

Thursday, 28 May 2009

some fab new items

the before and after ..........................................
of these useful set of drawers all nicely full of my old photos and postcards !

some details pics of these beauties!

Well what month may was (is) firstly i decided to change my broadband provider..(big mistake ) firstly the cable wouldnt reach my pc , then when i went out and bought a cable the hub didnt work properly , then after 4 days another came . i finally got it all working. and hey presto i`m back on line ..... (i hate computers)
I have been really busy in my little shop..
i have also bought some absolute treasures (that i cannot part with) love the picnic hamper, Nancy`s straw hat, and i just love the nightdress case from the 1930`s the lilac and peach basket in fab condition . .......but the rest i will be selling..
also some exciting news ....I will in the near future be moving my little shop to Great Bardfield, i have found a fab shop in a much better position with an enormous window to display, cannot wait ...i will keep you posted when i have some dates for the move.. (what a job that will be )
hope alls well with you in blogland.........................regard Hx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hi, thought i would let you see the first of my wood nymphs she has beautiful golden hair with a ring of tiny lilac flowers , she has a yellow silk skirt overlaid with Edwardian lace with flowers made from ribbons. millinery velvet flowers in a cluster with diamante necklace from the 1950`s. they are such great fun to make and they use the most prettiest bits and bobs .

they all have their own names this is Fratilly or Tilly to her friends and she loves collecting wild flowers..................

this is Queen Lilly she has a beautiful dress made from

velvet with diamante trimmings ,millinery velvet flowers, a crown on her head with feathers and flowers , she also has a very ancient beaded shawl .

some thrifting from last week!
i love all these dress clips they are so diverse in style the turquoise one i have made into a necklace i will probably do this to a few of the others....
hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather. Hx

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Had some very interesting visitors to my shop yesterday?
some rather elegant if not
a little bit mischievous woodland Elves...................... all they need now are some appropriate clothing i will have to delve into my vintage bits and bobs.. will let you know when they are dressed properly have a good week ...Hx

Happy Easter to all. hope everyone is filling up with lots of chocolate......hope to get out into the garden this afternoon for an egg hunt (weather permitting).

Sunday, 29 March 2009

busy couple of weeks!

well. what a couple of busy weeks ive had , I do not know where the time has gone.... have made a couple of purchases (small white lie ive been buying lots) trouble is i want to keep some of them..especially this beautiful velvet bag with handpainted garden with what looks like glass beads in the paint so it shimmers in the light.. have also finished some projects like the picnic baskets with vintage linning and filled with lots of lovely picnic flasks and crockery form the 40`s and 50`s,
Some pretty tea cups with violas planted in them, sold quite a few for mothers day.
now i am finishing off some bits and bobs for easter.. but have bought a couple of pieces as projects for the near future like this old 1940`s oak cupboard just waiting to be stripped,painted and i feel vintage fabric behind the glass doors , also i have a lovely pair of vintage glass door knobs to finish... plus a fab pair of old deckchairs, a coat of paint and some knew fabric I think.. but any suggestions gratefully received.. hope alls well in the big world out there. have a good week....Hx

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Well..... now suitably recovered...

what a fab day Wednesday was.. we arrived in London at 10.30 had plenty of time to browse Camden passage ...a few vintage clothing shops, a few stalls along the way .. a lovely cup of coffee and then off to CL!!! what a beautiful entrance hall, with small trees in blossom birds twittering lots of spring flowering bulbs scenting the air...then we started SHOPPING.......... i have to say this was one of the best shows we` ve been to in the last few years, lots of new stands that we haven't seen before ... not to much in the way of similar type jewellery and interior stands. (or imported cheap stuff euk!)

There are lots of very talented people out there.

we had a lovely lunch of smoked salmon and crayfish salad ,with some elderflower fizz to wash it down. then back to shopping and ohhing and ahhhing! home by 6.30 exhausted, dinner , bath and bed by 9.30......great day.

Easter is nearly here so have been thinking and painting these beautiful handmade (in England) wooden eggs .. love all the pastel colours. not sure exactly how i will decorate them but I am sure i will think of something ...

I have also found a lovely local lady that makes soaps, bath bombs and lots of lovely lotions and balms , beautifully packaged which i hope to sell in my shop I will keep you posted as to when they arrive hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

I had better finish off now and get ready to go to the shop i have lots of cushions to make, i have some feather pads arriving Monday so i need to make sure i have the covers ready,

have a good weekend .................Hx

Monday, 9 March 2009

I need a bigger Shop!

Well.... another shelf filled , have had this for ages in my garage waiting for some nice weather to give it a couple of coats of paint, i tried to sort out some hand made items only for it (in between customers) and soon ran out of space ( i need a bigger shop...) I had a lovely day on Saturday lots of new customers on their first visit to me with lots of compliments and encouragement ( and sales also).....
not a bad weekend weather wise....until Sunday afternoon.. what a downpour...then hale stones....
Hectic week this week I am in London on Wednesday for The Country Living Fair at the Islington Business Design Center. my good friend Marion and I try to get to at least one of these twice yearly fairs.. its a whole day of beautiful interiors, clothing, jewellery, food and so much more. we indulge ourselves in almost a man free zone of girlie stuff and prettiness, a lovely lunch and come home exhausted physically, but mentally inspired..... worth a visit. i will let you know all about it when ive recovered. have a good week ..........................Hx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

opps! forgot to say, thank you Jess for your help and kind comments hope to see you again soon , keep well, Hx

hello, just a short note today .... whilst on Saturday setting out my shop for the day i noticed in the sunshine how pretty the crocuses looked but on closer inspection there was a drunken bumble bee staggering in between the blooms, covered in pollen i sat and watched him for a good couple of minutes ,when he left all the petals where flat and down trodden but they soon recovered...... spring is coming ?

Friday, 27 February 2009

Little box of treasure.....

What a treat! a very kind neighbour to my little shop , popped in with this lovely box of vintage ribbons! in exchange I repaired some jewellery for her . some are a bit perished but still i am sure can be used for something, how pretty they are. .. thinking cap on....?????...