Thursday, 12 November 2009

christmas is everyone tells me!!!!

This week was Country Living at the Design Center in Islington London .. my good friend and I went on our usual bi- annual visit to have a very girlie day out , great fun, lots to see, lovely lunch and tired feet all the usual stuff....always worth a visit.

Just thought I`d give a peep of some of the most recent stuff in my shop...including kitchenalia from the 20`s through to the 60`s ....................some peggy fairies................ a lovely old mini chest of drawers...the most beautiful velvet ball gown ..from the late 1930`s early 1940`s very gothic !

a new addition to the cushions vintage purple tweed with a hand knitted foxglove with a little bee about to visit.. I have been trying to get a few christmas decorations up in the shop but as i have collected vintage decs they are at present quite sparse but working on it .. have a good weekend ...Hx

lots of new from old painted shelves and cupboards

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