Saturday, 21 May 2011

handy work?

There is something about these hand embroidered pictures that i just love,
I have a small collection on a wall at home , these are on sale in my shop at the moment , the hours they must have taken to sew, the detail on some are amazing , when you think they sell from £8.00 upwards . I was about to take a photo of the ones I have on the wall at home but my fairly new camera decided to jam, now I have to look for the original receipt ,I have only had it since September last year, I really do not fancy spending an afternoon taking back to the shop I bought it from ! isn't technology great (when it works!) any way had a very busy day in the shop today and met some lovely new customers this past week has been a vintage clothing week , it is funny how things that are of the similar type suddenly you sell a lot of , have a good weekend whats left of it ...Hx

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