Saturday, 14 May 2011


well its that time of the year again the GREAT BARDFIELD GARAGE SALE . chaos will be the order of the day .. especially if the weather stays bright and sunny . we have 64 garages opening up and selling their trash or treasure whichever way you look at it ... a good opportunity to clear some old stock and meet some new people visiting the village.

But chaos seems to be the order of this week as last Friday I made the decision to take out the staging shelf below the window to allow me to arrange larger pieces of furniture etc in the main window , but what a mess that made..... after closing at 5 on Saturday I then cleared the window and moved all the furniture to the back of the shop , I put a little note in the window to explain what was about to happen just in case anyone thought I might be doing a moonlight flit, my hubby went in on Monday ripped out the window and as with all these projects for improvements plaster fell from the wall so 1st thing Tuesday we went in so he could re-plaster the wall , then we cleared and cleaned as much as possible.

I re-dressed the window to include my fab new canopy from deckchair stripes . we will paint the wall and the new windowsill when the plaster settles and dries.

Today amongst the mayhem I will photograph the new window and all the fun and post later (if I manage to stay awake this evening long enough?)....have a good weekend ....Hx

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  1. Sound amazing! Wish I was nearer! Have a great time xx